Document Management System

Our document management software is designed to simplify the way you manage your documents in the Office. With our solution, you can easily access your important documents from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

Manage your daily documents easily

With our Document Management System (DMS) software, you no longer need to worry about saving and managing your business documents. Our solution makes it easy to access your documents from anywhere, on any device, and reuse them as needed. You’ll have complete control over your documents, and our user-friendly interface makes managing them a breeze. Say goodbye to the hassle of document management and hello to a more efficient, streamlined workflow with our DMS software.
Document Management System

Your Document is now
pocket friendly,

Our software supports all formats related to documents, including expenses, purchases, sales, and more. You can easily categorize all your documents by category, and you will find groups and subgroups of each category to upload your documents to. You can save your documents according to the organization, financial year, group, and subgroup. With our system, you can carry all your important business documents with you in your pocket. This feature is particularly beneficial for your accountant, who can access the documents they need at any time. You can also easily share documents with others via WhatsApp or email directly from our mobile application.

Document Management System
You can easily manage your business or your client’s documents
More than 1000 clients are registered in our system and more than 1 lakh documents are being managed.
Document Management System
Boost your work experience!
Access documents anytime, anywhere, and from any device.
You will get the best experience from our website. But 90% of people use applications to access documents quickly.
Document Management System
It’s Really Possible!
Categorize your documents very quickly and save your future time
Move any document into a Group and Sub-group according to its category. 

Organized way Segregation

It is very easy to save the document in the software and divide it into its categories.
1_financial Year

Financial Year

Financial year wise simple arrangement


Create a client and add its documents to it.


Group & subgroup wise document categorization.

Unique Class

Create unique groups and subgroups for clients.

Client Creation

First of all you add all your clients in the system.


Set up a workflow in your client document

User Control

Set roles & rights to user, also assign clients to user.

Share & Email

Download or email your document to share in bulk.

Basic Functionality Must Required

Your work will be simple with the functionality of very simple but valuable work. Let’s book your demo!

We care about your documents!

In the system, your document will be classified according to its type and you will also get the support of a secure server.


Powerful financial platform for growing businesses.

Half Yearly

Powerful financial platform for growing businesses.


Powerful financial platform for growing businesses.


Powerful financial platform for growing businesses.

Easy to Access!

Your document will now be pocket friendly.

That’s great! which allows users to manage their documents on the go. The app provides features such as document scanning, uploading, editing, sharing, and storing in the cloud. Users can access their documents anytime and anywhere, making it convenient for them to work on the go.
Very simple, Very Affordable!
you can get full access from any package.
If you need any help, we can arrange a demo for you. This will bring you closer to our software.
Starts at
  • 1 Admin User & 1 Staff User
  • 20 Organization/Client
  • 10 Client User
  • 1GB Storage
Starts at
  • 1 Admin User & 2 Staff User
  • 100 Organization/Client
  • 50 Client User
  • 10 GB Storage
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